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Louise Shimmel

Executive Director

Louise founded and manages the day-to-day operations of CRC. A state and federally licensed rehabilitator since 1985, Louise has substantial experience in wildlife rehabilitation, has…

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Kit Lacy

Bird Curator

Kit completed a master's degree in biology from the University of Oregon, publishing papers on social behavior and communication in Caribbean Iguanas. Kit began volunteering…

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Julie Collins

Director of Development and Communications

Julie was born and raised in Milwaukie, OR, and lived in Eugene in the late 90’s. After over 13 years of living in Arizona, Julie and…

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Zach Zeneberg, CPBT-KA

Training & Education Manager

Originally from Michigan, Zach has been "Hooked-on-Raptors" since he saw his first outreach program in the second grade. His love of nature and working with…

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Ulrike Streicher

Staff Veterinarian

Ulrike Streicher knew from early childhood she wanted to be a veterinarian. After graduating with her DVM from the University of Berlin in Germany, she…

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Brian Schug

Facilities Manager

Brian was born in the small town of Sandwich, Illinois, but spent much of his formative years in the Southwestern US. He studied voice (gorgeous…

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Carrie Lorenz

Trainer and Educator

Carrie is a native Eugenian, having grown up at the Eugene Saturday Market and attending South Eugene High School. She moved to Corvallis and graduated…

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Laura Farah

Trainer and Educator

Having grown up in Oregon and spending lots of time outdoors, Laura's love of nature and wildlife led them to begin volunteering at the Raptor…

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Victoria Willson

Rehabilitation Assistant

Born and raised in Oregon, Victoria moved to Eugene in 2013 to study biology and environmental science at the University of Oregon. Victoria has worked with…

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Allison Vion

Program Coordinator

Allison began volunteering with Cascades Raptor Center in 2009 and transitioned to being on staff in 2017. With a Master's in Zoology, Allison has spent…

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Melissa Green

Adoptions & Membership Coordinator
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Jennifer Appleby Chu

Visitor Services Coordinator

Jennifer has lived around animals all her life but only got up close and personal with wildlife when she began volunteering at her hometown rehabilitation…

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Laura Ratti

Administrative Assistant
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