Volunteer with the Raptor Center


Immediate Volunteer Needs:

Construction Projects - Do you or someone you know have experience with construction, carpentry, and/or building things? If so, the Raptor Center needs you! Building new aviaries, perches and nest boxes, fixing broken doors, latches and beams and remodeling our rehab aviaries with appropriate perching, are all projects that you could be involved in. This is the most flexible volunteer team we have in terms of scheduling. There are no weekly or monthly time commitments and our need for volunteers vary depending on the season and what projects are on our list. Please contact Facilities Manager with any questions you may have about joining our Construction Team.


Greeters - We are looking for friendly, welcoming people who enjoy speaking to the public about our center and the work we do. We see over 20,000 guests every year so our Greeters are a very important part of our volunteer team. A basic knowledge of raptors is highly encouraged, but as long as you are willing to learn, we would love to have you. We ask for a minimum of one greeter shift a month (a three hour shift during our winter season, and a four hour shift during our summer season), though more are encouraged. If you are interested in joining our Greeter team please contact Visitor Services Manager


Landscaping - The Raptor Center is beautifully situated on a native oak/fir wooded hillside along with native wildflowers. Many guests comment positively about the location and the grounds of the Center. Like most human impacted places, we also have a few minor challenges related to invasive species. We are seeking to put together a commited group of volunteers who will assist us in growing, maintaining, and beautifying the site. Plantings that we do are typically native and will be attractive to wildlife, helping to keep the ecological value of the site intact or enhanced. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Landscape team, please contact Community Liaison.


Working with the Raptors

Volunteering to work with animals - any animals, wild or domestic - is not glamorous.  It is hard, dirty, exhaust­ing, and emotionally draining, and it can be dangerous.  To those truly committed, it is very rewarding.  However, easily 80% of the work consists of cleaning: enclosures (in raptor work, that includes cleaning cages of animals raised for food such as mice, rats, rabbits, chickens, pigeons or quail), floors, counters, perches, dishes, and laundry. You may not be in contact with patients in our hospital, as we handle birds only to examine or weigh, feed, medicate, manage wounds and other injuries, or move to new enclosures as necessary.  You WILL, however, be working around our education birds and thus have the opportunity to observe and appreciate some of the most beautiful animals on this earth. To join our Animal Care Team, we ask for a commitment of 100 volunteer hours. Each volunteer will be assigned one four-hour shift a week to begin with. After a two month probationary period other shifts can be picked up. If you are interested, please read and download the Volunteer Information Packet, and then fill out the online Volunteer Application below.

We have a great group of volunteers. Hope to see you soon!

Here is a fun video our team put together. 


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