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Position currently not available

Volunteers on the Greeter Team are responsible for checking guests in when they arrive, running our gift shop, orienting visitors and answering questions, and general shop upkeep.

  • Time Commitment:
    • A minimum of two greeter shifts per month (weekly shifts are available)
    • Greeter shifts are 3.5 hours during our summer season and 3 hours in our winter season.
  • Special Considerations:
    • As the front line of interactions with the public, greeters get lots of questions about the center and the birds in our care. The more you know, the more helpful you will be to guests. Staff are always around to help answer questions for which you don’t know the answer.
    • As a greeter, you are typically the first, and often last, face that the public sees. It is important to be comfortable handling cash/credit transactions. However, attitude is everything in this position! Polite, friendly, personable are the starting points – a willingness to share our work with zeal will make you a darling on Yelp, Trip Advisor and other forms of social media where guests comment on their experience. Your enthusiasm translates directly into support (in the form of admissions, retail sales, memberships and adoptions) for the birds. Thus, excellent greeters are critical to our mission.
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