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Please enjoy these free lesson plans with slides and worksheets!

Thank you to International Paper for the generous grant support that enabled us to
develop and provide these free materials to the community.

What’s Your Wingspan?

Grades: K-5

Lesson Description: Students compare the anatomy of birds’ wings vs. human arms, practicing basic measurement skills by determining their own “wingspan” and marking it out on paper (in the optional art activity, students turn this into a full illustration).

Create a Conservation Zine

Grades: K-5

Lesson Description: Students create their own handcrafted mini-magazines (“zines”) about negative human impacts on raptors and how people can help.


Wildlife Habitats and You

Grades: K-5

Lesson Description: Students learn the basics of ecology and discuss what makes a good habitat. They then spend time observing a real natural landscape and identifying things that could be changed in this area to improve habitat conditions for wildlife.