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NEW! Raptor Art Exhibition

Call for artwork (Ages 18 and older)

The Raptor Arts Challenge is cost free and open to all Oregon artists 18 years of age or older. This year’s exhibition theme is native Pacific Northwest raptors. Please read the submission procedures before applying.

Submissions must include a completed entry form, artwork submitted digitally, and be received by March 20, 2024


Image: Bekah Zeimetz

Cascades Raptor Center aims to promote and ensure the wellness of birds of prey and foster a greater appreciation for the role wildlife plays in the natural and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. We believe artwork can be an effective way to build connections with local wildlife and raise public consciousness around key issues impacting the natural world.

To highlight raptors in our community and the Pacific Northwest landscape, Cascades Raptor Center is launching its first ever Raptor Art Challenge that will culminate in a collaborative native birds of prey exhibition with artwork from various Oregon artists.

Together, the exhibition will build creative avenues for the community to connect with native raptor species, introduce a variety of artists spanning generations and mediums, invoke a sense of outdoor wonder, and inspire viewers to discover more about raptors and the vital roles they play in Oregon.

Questions or need additional information? Contact Melissa Green at [email protected]