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Banjo was acquired by a falconer in Indiana in 2004 and trained as a hunting bird for a season. Unfortunately, she hit a window and damaged her right eye. Structurally, the eye appears fine, but she has imperfect vision and therefore is not able to reliably hunt prey. Since she is very comfortable around humans, she joined the Cascades Raptor Center education team in December of 2005.

Specializing in meeting small groups of guests rather than teaching large programs, Banjo spends time hanging out on her trainer’s gauntlet for her favorite foods, especially rat and rabbit. She often spreads her beautiful tail when eating, a reflexive behavior in raptors that helps them conceal their prize from competition.

Adoptive “Parents” of Banjo:
Tanksley Family • Spunky Gray & Barb Tyler • Reed Conner • June & Brian Bakshas • Mountain Rose Herbs

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