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Apollonia hatched in 2016 and spent only five days in the wild before coming into human care at Cascades Raptor Center. Harriers build nests directly on the ground in tall grasses, and watchful property owners noticed that the female parent was no longer feeding Apollonia or her four older siblings. When brought into the clinic, it was determined that Apollonia had suffered an injury to the bones around her eye. Because of her small size, (about the size of a tennis ball,) her injuries required that she be separated from her larger siblings for her safety. Unable to spend time with her own species, she did not develop a typical healthy fear response to humans and was unable to be released to the wild. She frequently demonstrates the dexterity of her species as she moves about her aviary. She is an eager participant in positive reinforcement training, choosing to load into her travel crate on a cue, and loves searching for the dead mice trainers hide in the grass of her aviary.

Adoptive “Parents” of Apollonia:
Richard & Kay Householder • Jon LaBranch • Mountain Rose Herbs

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