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Aeolus was admitted to a wildlife hospital in Klamath Falls in June of 1996 after colliding with a fence or power line. The collision caused loss of circulation to the tip of his right wing, leading to the loss of the wing tip itself. By the quantity of white feathers on his head and tail, and how yellow his beak and eyes were, we estimate that he was around five years old at the time he came into human care.

He is an avid nest builder and spends much of the spring incubating (infertile) eggs on his nest. He and his enclosure-mate McKenzie carefully curl their talons under when walking near the eggs to avoid damaging them.

Adoptive “Parents” of Aeolus:
Wayne Huck • Brian & Caroline Houston • R.H. & Nancy Downie • Partnered Solutions • Mountain Rose Herbs

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