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Burrowing Owl Ra
Gold & Platinum Level Adopters of Ra:

Betty Sparks • Henry, Ashley, & Louise Cakebread • Anika Lawless • Bryan Boender & Amanda Husted • John Foster • Jessie & Logan • Judy & Alice • In memory of Carolyn Spector • Mountain Rose Herbs

Ra came into human care in 2011 near Yakima, Washington, and lived at another wildlife center for several years as an education bird. In 2015, his original facility closed, and he joined the team at Cascades Raptor Center.

Ra is fond of showering, enjoying both the hose mist and natural rain, and will spread his wings in the spray to wash the dust from his feathers. Like all Burrowing Owls, he spends a great deal of time on the ground, but he is also fond of high perches in his aviary. If you can’t find him, try looking up!

Burrowing Owls are unusual among owls for many things:  nesting underground, living in colonies, and hunting primarily by day and by sight. They are also identically sized across both sexes, making it difficult to tell whether Ra is male or female. He is believed to be male, however, based on the lower pitch of his calls.

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