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Burrowing Owl Ra

Ra came to the Raptor Center in late 2015 when the previous facility where he lived closed. He was found in 2011 after being hit by a car near Yakima, Washington, causing a fracture in his shoulder and damage to his right eye. Because Burrowing Owls are primarily sight hunters – they are active as often during the day as at night – a vision deficit would be a substantial handicap. We do not actually know if Ra is a male, as Burrowing Owls are fairly unique among raptors in that males and females are the same size and have identical plumage. However, Ra does offer a greeting HOOT to his trainers that sounds like the lower pitched male Burrowing Owl vocalization. Ra is fond of showering, enjoying both the hose mist and natural rain, and will spread his wings, washing the dust from his feathers.

Adoptive “Parents” of Ra: 
Keri Yunc • John Foster • Marco Esters & Lena Trotochaud • Hannah & Nathan Rosenfeld • Lisa Rezendez • Bill Bachman Sarafina Adee •  John Foster • Nowell King & Erik Fisher • In Memory of Vicki Barker – her love of animals knew no bounds

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