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Gold and Platinum Level Adopters of Parker:

Monica Kundl • Z & H Day-Lewis • Karen Myers • The Buchanan Family • Cameron Daniels • In memory of Angela “Dee Dee” LoConti • Taren Wright & Michele Markstrom

Parker was brought to our wildlife hospital in 2017 as a fledgling by well-intentioned but misguided community members who had found him out of the nest and hand-reared him. Upon arriving, he immediately exhibited uncommon behavior for a wild bird, showing no fear of humans and tolerating exams unusually well. He joined Cascades’ ambassador team in the summer of that same year.

Parker is a quick learner with an affable personality, eager to share his personal space with some staff members. For exercise and fun, he works with his trainers on his hovering skill, a natural behavior that American Kestrels use in the wild while hunting in open fields.

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