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Parker was brought to the Raptor Center hospital after being found by well-intentioned, but misguided community members who, we assume, hand reared him. He immediately exhibited uncommon behaviors for a wild bird, such as perching at the front of his carrier to watch the humans in the room with curiosity instead of (more appropriately) fear. He was unusually tolerant during patient treatments as well. Due to his behavioral abnormalities and a deformed talon on an important hunting toe, staff decided to assess him for his potential as an educational ambassador on the Education Team. Parker is a quick learner, has an affable personality and an unwavering interest in sharing his personal space with staff members. For exercise and fun, he works with his trainers on his hovering skill, a natural behavior that American Kestrels use in the wild while hunting in open fields.

Adoptive “Parents” of Parker:
Hank Barrong • Monte Iadanza • Monica Kundl • Chris & Karen Hines • The Kane Family • Billy & Salli Raje • Ed Sakai in loving memory of Leslie Nunn Sakai • Karen Myers • Siena Buchanan • Seneca •  Sherry Wilde • Parker Charbonneau • Mountain Rose Herbs

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