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Padawan was found as a nestling on the floor of a factory in Junction City, Oregon, in May of 2011. Although he was immediately placed with other young Barn Owls, it was obvious within a few days that he was not “normal.” He did not demonstrate normal fear responses, even when the other nestlings were reacting strongly to the sight of people. He was also slow to develop physically compared to other Barn Owls. It was felt that he would not have a good chance of survival in the wild. His comfort around humans, and his willingness to participate in choice-based training has led him to become a confident ambassador for his species. He is a vibrant member of the Education Team and can demonstrate the style in which Barn Owls hunt by hovering on silent wings and pouncing on objects with his feet.  

Adoptive “Parents” of Padawan:
Susan & Richard Glassman • Steck Family • Toobah Mahmood • The Clendenen Family • Julianne Staley • Solisa Garcia • Susan Sullivan • Linda Schaefers •  Linda Gray & Cayden Cooper in memory of our beloved Andrea • Mountain Rose Herbs

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