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Gold & Platinum Level Adopters of Padawan:

Ha Vinh Nguyen • Viriam Singh Khalsa • Eugene Garden Club • Doug & Lynnette Wallters • Amy Harris • Luke Weinstein • Mary Lou & Leland Dawson • Michael & Andrea Pace • Abe Lawless • Susan Sullivan

Business Partner Adopters of Padawan:

Mountain Rose Herbs

Padawan came into human care as a nestling from Junction City, Oregon, in May of 2011. Although he was immediately placed with other young Barn Owls, it was obvious within a few days that there was something different about him. He did not demonstrate typical fear responses, even when the other nestlings were reacting strongly to the sight of people. It is suspected that he was illegally raised by a member of the public. He joined our ambassador team in the summer of that same year.

Padawan’s comfort around humans and his willingness to participate in choice-based training have led him to become a confident ambassador for his species. He can demonstrate the Barn Owl hunting style by hovering on silent wings and pouncing on objects with his feet.  He is also part of the free-flight team.

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