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Opa was found in June 2005, when she was about three weeks old. She had a badly infected eye which required surgical removal. Her injury could have resulted from a fall, an attack by a crow or other bird, or even interacting with a sibling. Although a one-eyed adult nocturnal owl might manage to survive, it would be very difficult for a youngster just learning to hunt to overcome such a disability. Being around people at such a young age, however, helped her transition to a life in human care. Although she doesn’t actively teach programs, she is very comfortable in her aviary with visiting guests, and willingly participates in positive reinforcement training by flying to a scale every morning for daily weigh-ins…in exchange, of course, for delicious mice!

Adoptive “Parents” of Opa:
Lucie Siu & Sasha Rubick • Robert Coache • Liam Swafford • Oliva Pool • Andrew Coit • Denise Egri & Serge Faumont • Kelsey & Abigail Minor • Melissa Danskine • Sherry Wilde • Jan Ebi-Deprey • Pat & Hap Ehm • Ansel Schwartzman • Brenda Hauglum

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