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Olga was hatched in human care in 2010 and, soon after, joined a falconer to be a hunting partner. Early in her career as a falconry bird, she collided with an object and was temporarily stunned. Reaching speeds of up to 130 MPH in a diving flight, the Gyrfalcon is a high-speed hunter. Olga’s collision not only left her stunned, but damaged the optic nerve in her right eye, prematurely ending her career in falconry. For years after her accident, she remained with her falconer and his apprentice, and taught education programs in Northern California. She joined the Raptor Center’s ambassador team in September 2021. A seasoned professional, Olga met guests on her first day on the job and made an appearance the following day at a major event, comfortable and confident in her new role on our team.

Adoptive families

Kathleen Ehli • Trevor & Loryn Bortins • Opal & Airlee Glaser

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