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Nike was found on Long Beach Peninsula in Washington in February 2005 by raptor researcher and bander Dan Varland, who noticed she had damage to her left eye. The Wildlife Center of the North Coast near Astoria, Oregon, treated her with antibiotics, but the infection was severe enough that her eye had to be removed. Since Gyrfalcons primarily hunt other birds at high speeds, Nike’s disability left her unable to survive in the wild. She was transferred to Cascades Raptor Center in March of 2005.

During the day it’s common to see Nike “wing rowing” – vigorously flapping her wings while still perched. This is a common behavior among raptors, especially falcons, to help build muscle and stay in top physical condition.

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Adoptive “Parents” of Nike:
Kellen Moore • Sing & David Tam • Joseph & Alexis Truitt • Linda Schaefers • Laura Gerick • Mountain Rose Herbs