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Newton was hatched in human care in Colorado and was 4 weeks old when he joined the Education Team in July of 2013. He is highly socialized to people. This species, like all the Accipiters (forest hawks), tend to be high stress birds, unless they are raised in human care. Goshawks are rarely seen at rehabilitation centers as they prefer living far away from people, and do not easily transition to life in human care if non-releasable. In order to prepare Newton for a comfortable life and slowly introduce him to things that might otherwise be alarming, he was housed overnight with staff for his first few weeks. He was introduced to other birds, met lots of people, and even went to an exercise class. He taught his first program before he could even fly! Newton is an integral part of the Education Team, and to demonstrate the hunting style of Northern Goshawks, he is trained to catch a small tennis ball out of the air while in flight.

Adoptive “Parents” of Newton:
Michael Wolfe • June & Brian Bakshas • Ian & Violet Propst • Kate Woolsey • Steven Leone • Yaya Simmons & Canyon McCardel • Mary K Gregory & Wendy L Noecker • Mountain Rose Herbs

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