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Neville joined the Cascades Raptor Center in July of 2017, when he was surrendered by a member of the public at three months old. He had been taken from the wild as a baby and hand-reared, never having the opportunity to learn how to be an owl from his parents. Neville went through a series of evaluations to see if he was suited to life as an education ambassador. He proved to be a confident, comfortable, and willing participant in training involving choice-based positive reinforcement methods.

An important part of Neville’s training is self-loading into his travel crate. Even when his trainers aren’t around, he’ll cache his stuffed toys inside, hiding them to play with later.

Neville is practicing every day, building his confidence in front of small groups of guests, and someday when he is ready, he’ll teach entire audiences about just how amazing Great Horned Owls can be!

Adoptive “Parents” of Neville:
Tracy Watson • Katherine, Eric & Julianne Nordsieck • Agriculture Capital • ​Brian & Ruth Erickson

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