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Lethe hatched in 2000 and was raised at a wildlife rehabilitation center in California. Despite precautions to keep him from imprinting on humans, he became highly socialized. Upon release at a state park, he kept coming down to people to bite at their shoelaces. Even after he was returned to human care and placed with several others of his species for several months, he still approached humans with no fear.

Turkey Vultures, as scavengers, are intelligent and curious and Lethe is no exception. He joined the education team in April 2001 and is known for sunbathing during programs, an important behavior that wild vultures use to keep their feathers clean and free of parasites.

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Adoptive “Parents” of Lethe:
Abe Lawless • Jennifer Barker & Joseph Morris • Noel Dietz • Marian Gallerani • Diane Simmons • Ann Samsell • Sara Parker & Tommy Schreiner • Gene Luks • Mountain Rose Herbs