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Kali, a large female, was found as one of two eggs in a nest at a logging site. Her parents had apparently abandoned the nest due to the logging disturbance. The eggs were incubated, and after they hatched 30 days later, were turned over to a rehabilitator. Every precaution was taken to keep her from imprinting on humans: she resided with a sibling and in sight of, and then with, an adult vulture 24/7, was fed by humans with faces obscured, and was able to observe an adult vulture eating. Yet on release, even with her sibling and wild vultures present, she kept coming back down to humans. 

Turkey Vultures, as scavengers, are intelligent and curious and Kali is no exception. She joined the education team in November of 2003 and is quick to learn new behaviors for positive reinforcement.

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Adoptive “Parents” of Kali:
Joel & Patrick Goeres • Matt Trimble • Joyce Trawle & Douglas Berg • Diane Simmons • Sara Parker & Tommy Schreiner • Dver Winter • Mountain Rose Herbs