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Jake, a male Peregrine Falcon, was hatched in the spring of 2019 at a facility in Montana that specializes in breeding raptors for the sport of falconry. At 19 days of age, he moved to Florence, Montana, to join the education and falconry team at Raptors of the Rockies, headed by raptor educator and falconer Kate Davis. His baby photos are featured in Davis’s book Falcons of North America, which you can purchase in our visitor center.

Jake got off to an amazing start in education, recording 43 programs in a mere six months! However, some health concerns arose, and Kate believed the staff at Cascades Raptor Center could give Jake the care he needed to overcome them. He joined the Raptor Center in February 2020. He is now recovered from his health issues, and we are excited to work with this superstar ambassador for Peregrine Falcons here in Eugene.

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Adoptive “Parents” of Jake:

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