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Gold & Platinum Level Adopters of Hoku:

Desmond Runner • The Wilde Family • Jeff Morey • Monica Kundl • Patty Smiley

Hoku was illegally taken from his parents as a nestling in Wisconsin in 2012. He was eventually turned over to a licensed rehabilitation facility but could not be released, because he was imprinted on humans and did not have any of the survival skills he would have needed in the wild. He was transferred to a falconer in Oklahoma, where he taught education programs. In September of 2015, he joined Cascades Raptor Center’s ambassador team.

Hoku is fond of frequent baths, and the vigor with which he takes them has given rise to his nickname: “The Hurricane”. He does not currently live on the public side but comes out for shorter periods to work on his people skills and teach guests about this impressive and tiny falcon species.