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Guapo was found as a first-year bird in Gold Beach, on the southern coast of Oregon in early October 2016. Besides being far outside the normal range of a Swainson’s Hawk, he was landing on people’s arms and accosting them for food; clearly he had been illegally hand-raised. Swainson’s Hawks migrate South from the interior of Western Canada and the Western U.S., where they breed, to the Las Pampas region of Argentina each year. In Argentina, they are known as Grasshopper Hawks, as grasshoppers are their primary prey in this rich grassland. Guapo is very curious, loves to sunbathe, and is one of the busiest members of the Education team. Whether visiting a school or posing for guest photos, he is very comfortable with non-migratory life.

Adoptive “Parents” of Guapo:
Mountain Rose Herbs • Bill Sharp • Sally & Melissa Randich

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