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Dante hatched in the Mendocino National Forest of Northern California in summer of 2016. He contracted West Nile Virus as a nestling and was treated at the California Foundation for Birds of Prey. Medication helped him survive the virus but there were concerns that the symptoms he had suffered had left him with imperfect vision – a death sentence for a wild Golden Eagle. They are visual hunters who can reach speeds of 200 MPH during pursuit of their preferred prey: jack rabbits and other small mammals. Here at Cascades Raptor Center, Dante enjoys bird watching, showers from the hose, foraging for hidden food items in brush piles in his aviary, destroying his toys, ripping the leaves off of branches, and the positive reinforcement training that makes up his daily life as a professional ambassador.

Adoptive “Parents” of Dante:
Bang Bang • Samurai Macovis • In Memory of Craig Wilson • Patricia Wheeler • Cole Cooper • Richard & Dayna Wenzel • Caitlin O’Neill • Talia & Jonah Schulkin • Lyla & Koan Geisel • Marni & John Rapf • Jane Beeghly • Kenneth & Mary Frazer • Oregon Pacific Bank • Mountain Rose Herbs

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