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Gold & Platinum Adopters of Dante:

Richard & Dayna Wenzel • Marni & John Rapf • Sonia M-B • Janie Beeghly • The Schwarzkopf Family • Ardee Crawford • In memory of Craig Wilson • William & Zoe Larson

Business Sponsor Adopters of Dante:

Oregon Pacific Bank

Dante hatched in the Mendocino National Forest of Northern California in summer of 2016. He came into human care as a nestling and grew up at the California Foundation for Birds of Prey. In the fall of 2016, he joined the Cascades education team.

When not practicing his ambassador skills with his trainers, Dante enjoys birdwatching, taking showers from the hose, destroying his toys, ripping the leaves off branches, and foraging for hidden food items in his aviary.

Golden Eagles live primarily in the open country of the Mountain West region. They are acute visual hunters  who can spot prey from over a mile away and reach speeds of 200 miles per hour in a hunting dive.

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