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Celilo was found in Nebraska in early 2002. She had a fractured humerus in her right wing, very close to the shoulder, that resulted in poor wing extension and an inability to fly. She was just beginning to get her white head and tail at the time of her injury, so it’s estimated that she was around 4-5 years old. Spending her early life with an education organization in South Dakota, she came to Cascades Raptor Center in 2010 when they closed. Celilo is an enthusiastic participant in her training sessions, as well as a creature of habit. At the conclusion of every session she heads straight to her bath to clean her beak and talons, washing off any bits of food that might have gotten stuck while she ate.

Adoptive “Parents” of Celilo:
Princess Christine of Belgium • Brantley & Kayne • Mary Mowday • Barbara Holler – in loving memory of Dennis Holler • Scott & Gilda Borgioli • Jim & Rene Purvine • Steve and Julie Hunnicutt • Valerie Viterbi – in loving memory of my beloved husband Alexander J. Viterbi • Mountain Rose Herbs

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