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Gold & Platinum Level Adopters of Kaida:

Helmut & Pamela Riedl • Michael Harris & Megan Bledsoe

Kaida joined the Cascades Raptor Center education team after hatching at a facility specializing in falconry birds in Washington state in 2012.

As a non-native species, she helps us expand our outreach and fundraising opportunities in the community. Although Kaida doesn’t participate in falconry, she does enjoy positive-reinforcement training, building her skills as a raptor ambassador.

Saker Falcons are native to grassland habitats across Eurasia and North Africa. They are the national bird of Hungary and are a popular species with falconers all over the world due to their speed and agility. Their wild population is currently endangered, but conservation efforts in North Africa and the Middle East are helping their numbers increase.

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