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What to Expect

Is the tour outdoors?

Yes, our nature center is entirely outdoors, apart from our gift shop. We are open rain or shine all year round, so dress for the weather and the terrain.

We recommend good walking shoes and some layers to help you stay comfortable. Temperatures tend to be about 3-5 degrees cooler than in town and Eugene weather is very changeable!

See slideshow for a preview of our site.

Do you offer guided tours?

Yes, though these need to be scheduled in advance. Guided tours are booked separately from our general admission. We offer small private tours throughout the year (maximum group size 4 people), as well as a seasonal group tour series.

What time are the birds fed?

We do not have set feeding times, but if you would like to see our training staff working with birds (which involves feeding), we recommend visiting in the morning. Our feeding schedules change from day to day, as raptors’ appetites are unpredictable and we feed as part of our training work.

Do you do shows?

During our main program season (typically mid-March to mid-September), we do multiple raptor meet-and-greets each day. You can find today’s encounter schedule on the board outside our visitor center.

In the fall and winter, we do not have scheduled encounters but you can still see our trainers at work! Try visiting earlier in the day for the best view of staff working with birds.

General Policies

Are photographs allowed?

Yes! Visitors are welcome to take as many pictures as they want. We recommend a camera with manual focus, as this is helpful for getting clear shots through the aviary screen.

Can I hold or feed a bird on my visit?

No, for your safety and that of the birds, we do not permit any direct physical contact between visitors and raptors. You will, however, get a wonderfully intimate look at all our birds, far closer than you could in the wild!


Is your site wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, we have very limited wheelchair accessibility on our site due to the steep terrain. We are located on the site of Spencer Butte, where the grade varies from nearly flat to about 15 degrees. See slideshow above for a preview of our site. Our paths are all fine-grain gravel, most of it compacted.

Future growth plans include the creation of more accessible paths and parking, but this will take time, extensive renovation, and major fundraising. Please be patient with us as we work to improve our facility!

Can I bring my service animal?

Sorry, no other animals are permitted on our site, including service animals, as they can be very disruptive to our resident raptors. A panicked bird in an enclosed space can seriously injure itself trying to escape the sight of an unfamiliar animal.

Cascades Raptor Center reserves the right to make this exclusion under the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 12111 and 12182), which stipulates that an entity may place limits on entry by service animals if the animal represents a direct threat to the health and safety of others in that setting which cannot be alleviated by reasonable accommodation.

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