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Gold & Platinum Level Adopters of Dmitri:

Dane, Kye, Oliver, & Miho • Kenzie Schmick • Katrina Mock • Mark Brazil • Airik, Larry, & Alibi Scott • The California Hart Hoards • Dottie Kemp • Pearl Preston • Leah & Kevin • Michael & Ann Caughron • Zoe Teal

Business Partner Adopters of Dmitri:

Mountain Rose Herbs

Dmitri was hatched in human care in St. Louis, Missouri, at the World Bird Sanctuary. He joined the Raptor Center’s education team in 2010 at just 2 months old to help us expand fundraising and educational outreach opportunities.

As a non–native species, Dmitri can go where native ambassador raptors cannot, due to federal regulations. He specializes in making appearances at private events and community fundraisers. He’s also a skilled and enthusiastic flyer, and frequently wows guests with his impressive wingspan and silent flight during training sessions.

In spite of their name, Eurasian Eagle-Owls are not related to eagles; the term comes from their massive size. They are the heaviest owl in the world and females of the species can weigh up to 9 pounds.

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