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Allison began volunteering with Cascades Raptor Center in 2009 and transitioned to being on staff in 2017. With a Master’s in Zoology, Allison has spent field seasons studying raptor migration, Bald Eagle nesting behavior, Golden Eagle habitat and nest-sites, and Aplomado Falcons. Her studies have taken her around the world; examining cultural relationships with nature, avian ecology, and ways of being that can restore equilibrium on this planet. She is a lover of all-things-wild and believes strongly in the Cascades Raptor Center mission to help our human community learn to value, understand and honor the role of wildlife in the Pacific Northwest (and all over the world).

As Program Coordinator, Allison schedules raptor experiences both on and off-site for groups and individuals. She organizes Family Nature Discovery Days, Raptor Camp Activities and works in fund/friend-raising outreach and visitor services. Allison is also responsible for planning and scheduling education programs, tracking grant dollars associated with them and reaching out to local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) groups to keep us connected to the community of informal science educators.

Allison Vion