Dmitri a Eurasian Eagle-owl was hatched in human care in St. Louis, Missouri at the World Bird Sanctuary. Dmitri joined the Raptor Center’s education team in 2010, at two months old, to expand fundraising and educational outreach opportunities that the Raptor Center’s native species cannot fill do to federal regulations. He is available for private parties and special events. Dmitri furthers our mission of connecting people to wildlife. 

Dmitri, the Eurasian Eagle-Owl, is the largest owl and most confident member of our Education Team. In addition to his work as a raptor educator, he also makes private appearances to support the work we do at the Cascades Raptor Center such as personal visits. 

He has experience with photo shoots, corporate events, weddings, and even film sets. The base rate for a Dmitri visit is $350, with an additional surcharge that depends on the specific circumstances of the request. Please contact us for more information, and provide detailed information including a description of the location for the appearance and whether Dmitri would be a passive visitor or active participant in a flight or training demonstration.


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