Nani & Soren

Nani and Soren, After years of sharing an enclosure and foster parent duties for orphaned Barn Owls, they have become a bonded pair. It is extremely rare for raptors in captivity to bond, especially ones who are socialized to humans. Nani and Soren will no longer be on exhibit – instead they shift their duties to the Rehabilitation Team to become full-time foster parents to the dozens of orphaned Barn Owls we receive every year. Come spring, this unique and amazing pair will be very busy. We'll keep you posted!

Nani came into care when a farmer, needing to break into a stack of hay, destroyed her nest. She was the 'runt' of the clutch, nearly comatose, and only about half the size of her two siblings when found. We do not know if she was unable to compete for food with her much bigger nest mates or if her parents sensed there was something wrong and simply did not feed her. As she was growing, she was always a couple of weeks behind the other two developmentally. Both wings had 'green stick fractures' of the radius and ulna (breaks that don't go all the way through the bone), causing a deformity of both wings and making it impossible for her to fly well enough for release. She came to the Cascades Raptor Center in June 2008 when she was about 2 months old.

When Soren was less than a week old, his nest was disturbed accidentally when a farmer moved some hay bales. His siblings were all killed and he fell awkwardly, breaking two toes on his right foot and pulling a muscle in his left leg. He could not stand nor even sit back on his hocks for weeks. The intensive care he needed, and the lack of other Barn Owls at such an impressionable age, caused him to become highly socialized to humans which prevented his release. When Soren was two months old when he came to the Cascades Raptor Center in June 2008.

Adoptive "Parents" of Nani & Soren:

Sue Holcomb  •  Spunky Gray & Barb Tyler
Pam Whyte & Ron Saylor  •  Sally Kaufman  •  Barbara Nill
The Kautz Family of Wisely Organics  •  Vicky Mello