Danu was one of two birds that were removed from their nest in June 2011. The male parent had hit a power line and shattered his wing and because the two hatchlings in the nest were so young, there was no way the female alone could both brood them and catch food for them. They had a better chance for survival in foster nests. Despite concerted searches by the Army Corps of Engineers, EPUD and EWEB, no suitable foster nest could be found (most already had too many youngsters). The Cascades Raptor Center was asked to care for them, but unfortunately the hatchlings had suffered too long without both parents; one of the hatchlings died and Danu was developmentally disabled. She was very late to stand, to eat on her own, to flap or try to fly, or to figure out how to land. She is physically stunted and never developed a normal fear response to things of which any wild bird would be instinctively wary. It was felt she would have difficulty learning to fish or migrate, and no chance of survival in the wild. She has no fear of people and has adapted well to life in human care. Danu is a valued member of our Education Team and is one of the few Osprey in the U.S. who is trained to travel to outreach programs. 

Adoptive "Parents" of Danu:
David & Judy Berg  •  Susanna MacDonald  •  Spunky Gray & Barb Tyler  •  The Westlind Family
Gordon Owens   •  Moss Crossing  •  Marilou Noffsinger  •  Andreas Wenzel & Kathleen Conery  
Mary Howard  •  Steven Stillwell & Elise Kubisiak