Forest Hawks

Cooper’s Hawk

A medium-sized accipiter, it is always larger than the similarly feathered Sharp-shinned hawk. Identification in the field, however, is difficult. The Cooper’s hawk is considerably smaller than the Goshawk; however, the juvenile Goshawk has…

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Northern Goshawk

The largest of the forest hawks and is considered to be "rare to uncommon" over most of its range. It is the least size dimorphic of the accipiters and the smallest male goshawk, in juvenile plumage, can be difficult to distinguish from a large…

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Sharp-shinned Hawk

The smallest of the North American accipiters, or forest hawks, the sharp-shinned had a reputation of being the enemy of all small birds before research made it clear that it has no deleterious effect on the populations of its prey species. With…

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