BAEA 96 Released in Astoria

This orphaned female Bald Eagle 96 was ready for release in January 2017 in Astoria, Oregon.

In early June 2016, the Cascades Raptor Center was asked by US Fish & Wildlife to care for an orphaned Bald Eagle nestling found in Washington. At only 4 weeks old when she arrived, BAEA 96 was one big healthy baby. 

This is her baby picture at 4 weeks old. She was around 18 inches tall, close to10 pounds, and at the time of the baby picture, she was not yet standing - 'not off her hocks,' in the vernacular.  She has grown dramatically since then and was 36" tall and over 12 pounds, with a wing span of seven feet!

During the exam prior to her release, staff all inhaled sharply when we got to see - up close, again - just how stunningly beautiful this bird is. She is feather perfect and a brick house, we feel confident that she is going to rock the wild world. Small(ish) animals of Western Oregon - BEWARE!

She was released on Sunday, January 15, 2017 in Astoria, Oregon.

Click here to see release photos and video.

BAEA 96 was released next to the Twilight Eagle Sanctuary in Astoria, where she will thrive and have plenty of salmon and small(ish) wildlife to catch.   

Twilight Eagle Sanctuary photo for BAEA 96 release 2017.

Below are photos of her release taken by local reporter Edward Stratton, The Daily Astorian and Larry Streicher, a member of the Cascades Raptor Center's volunteer team.

Photo of Rehabilitation Director, Laurin Huse releasing BAEA 96, by Edward Stratton, Jan 2017
Cascades Raptor Center's Rehabilitation Director, Laurin Huse releasing BAEA 96

BAEA96 release photo by Edward Stratton, Jan 2017

BAEA96 release photo by Larry Streicher, Jan 2017

BAEA 96, like other female Bald Eagles, has an impressive wing span of 7 feet!