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Tristan was found in northwestern Oregon in October 2006 and was brought to a veterinary clinic with an injury to his left shoulder. He was transferred to Wildlife Rescue of the North Coast. Unfortunately, the wing did not heal sufficiently to allow flight and migration. He joined the Cascades Raptor Center team in January 2007 and has been overwhelming visitors with his fierce cuteness ever since. In the spring, he will often make soft vocalizations that conjure images of a tiny truck beeping as it backs up – “too-too-too” – the contact call of his species. Saw-whet Owls get their name for their calls which sound like old fashioned saws being sharpened on a whetstone.

Adoptive “Parents” of Tristan:
Doug Grossman • Heather & Tighe Trent • Art & Debby Hertz • Diana Little • Karen Leggett • Boshart Family • Eugene Garden Club • Sienna Davis • Nancy Olson • Liz Parker •Seneca Family of Companies • Ronda Coyle • Trudy, Max & Mazey Flairs • Robbie & Ollie Osborn • Kodi & Juni Umansky-Sickafoose • Sandra Nunemaker • Jaina Frank • Jean Ellerhoff • Matt Danskine • The Robinson Family • Julian Yook • Madilynn Lee • Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast • Jared McKiernan

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