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Ravi was found as a baby in her nest cavity when her tree was cut down during a logging operation. She was so young when humans brought her home to raise that she became a ‘human imprint,’ unable to live a normal life in the wild. Ravi was two months old when she was brought to Cascades Raptor Center in July of 2005. She specializes in teaching people about small owls and is rewarded with one of her favorite snacks of all time – mealworms. Ravi’s sweet vocalizations make her a favorite of visitors lucky enough to hear her quiet “hoo-hoo-hoos” which sound nothing like screeches. Her trainers can read her mood by watching her facial expressions change as she observes her environment, feathers shifting depending on how she feels about what she sees.

Adoptive “Parents” of Ravi:
Laura Uthoff • Sandra Weingarten & Ryan Darwish • G.G., Abigale, & Caroline • Aiden Crawford • Girl Scout Troop 24761 • Miss Marmette • Michael Herz • Lori Green • The Wilde Family • Mountain Rose Herbs

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