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Pip was found as a hatch-year bird in July of 2013 with a fractured left humerus. Although we do not know how he was injured, the fracture was fresh and should have healed well. However, during surgery, Pip did not tolerate anesthesia and required two mouth-to-beak resuscitations when his breathing stopped. Medical staff did not want to risk his life by continuing the surgery on his wing, and though he recovered, his wing did not heal in perfect alignment. Known for their speed in pursuit of avian prey, as well as long migratory journeys, Pip’s limited flight meant he was not eligible for release. Confident and willing to build trust with his trainers, he joined the education team in 2014 and won the “Rookie of the Year” award for his amazing work as an educator in his very first year.

Adoptive “Parents” of Pip:
Linus Charpie • Amy Iverson • Xochilt Diaz • Mountain Rose Herbs • Susan Sullivan   • Jordon, Sarah, & Perrin Huppert • Silas Kruse • Dixie Feiner

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