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McKenzie, an adult female, collided with a guy wire of a cellphone tower in the summer of 2001 near Spokane, Washington. The injury caused serious damage to her right wing, and despite medical treatment and rehabilitation, she was unable to fly well enough for life in the wild. She joined Cascades Raptor Center in November of 2001 and prefers that her aviary has a bit of distance from guests and admirers. McKenzie lays (infertile) eggs every year in the nest that her enclosure-mate, Aeolus, builds. Both spend time incubating the eggs, and we encourage this behavior as it is something they would do naturally in the wild. It also allows us to replace their infertile eggs with orphaned wild baby eagles when necessary, having already encouraged a “parenting attitude” in Aeolus and McKenzie.

Adoptive “Parents” of McKenzie:
Mandi Tribble & Steve Engel • The Wilde Family • Jan & Bill Ryan • St. John’s Church & School of Salem Oregon • Sharon G Hayden – in honor of Judy Hayden • R.H. & Mary Downie

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