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Maple, a Northern Saw-whet Owl, was hatched in human care at River Valley Raptors in Buffalo, WI. This owlet was the first hatchling at the facility and Cascades Raptor Center is honored to have been chosen as her forever home. Hatching on April 14, 2021, and traveling to Oregon May 20, 2021, with a Cascades’ staff member, this owlet travelled confidently to begin her journey as an ambassador.  Every day brings new skills and talents. Learning to fly in only three short days reflects the Saw-whet’s life of cavity nester and forest inhabitant. These young owls must learn quickly to survive as one of the forest’s smallest predators. Confident flyers and adept hunters, the Saw-whet can capture prey twice their size. While still a young owlet, Maple is full grown! Raptors reach their adult size in about 4 weeks of age.

Adoptive “Parents” of Maple:

In loving memory of Elaine Cohen • In loving memory of Evelyn Marczuk • Beverly Katovich • A & J • Dana Kerstein • Mandi Tribble & Steve Engel • Roan & Jackson Sanders Stuart • Rath & Anderson • Sherry Loennig • Liz Parker • Mike & Patti DeLong • Eliza Bliss • Jonathan Wendt & Christian Rohrer • Mountain Rose Herbs

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