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Leia was found, unable to fly, as a passage (first-year) falcon, near the University of Oregon in November 2003, while on her first migration. Although X-rays showed there were no broken bones, she had dislocated her shoulder. After eight months of rehabilitation, it was obvious that the damage would never heal sufficiently for the high speed stoops (dives) and long distance migrations Peregrine Falcons are known for. Leia joined the Education Team in 2004, and as she has aged, staff has adapted her aviary to her changing needs. With comfortable perching options and easily accessed ramps, Leia is empowered to move around her space during training sessions – despite her declining mobility.

Adoptive “Parents” of Leia:
Patricia Smiley • Eugene Luks • Janet McClennen & Tom Buckhouse • Sage Kruse • Karen Reuter

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