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Deva was found near Houston, Texas in October of 2005. He was a juvenile bird when he hit a guy wire, fracturing his wrist, radius and ulna, resulting in the loss of his right wingtip. After medical care and rehabilitation it was determined he was unable to be released back into the wild. He came to Cascades Raptor Center in October of 2006. His coloration is the characteristic gray with black wing tips of an adult male Northern Harrier – this species is one of the few raptor species who are sexually dimorphic in color with females being brown instead of gray. Deva loves taking showers, either from the rain or from the hose during cleaning of his aviary. Although he does not teach programs, trainers use positive reinforcement to make standing on a scale for daily weigh-ins part of his routine. This helps us ensure he’s in healthy physical condition.


Adoptive “Parents” of Deva:
Spunky Gray & Barb • TylerDarren & Kevin Schubert • Raymond Naeyaert • Andrew Wilson • Patty Ann’s Pet Project • Masumi Quintero • Jill Williams

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