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Ciaran, an adult male Merlin, was found injured near Hood River, Oregon, in late March of 2011. He had dislocated his radius at the elbow and fractured the ulna very close to the elbow on his right wing – leaving him unable to fly well. This injury was the probable result of hitting a window or a wire while chasing a small bird, the typical prey of most falcon species. He is a “black merlin,” of the Pacific Northwest subspecies suckleyi. Darker overall in coloration, the throat of this subspecies is streaked with black markings in males, and the lower body parts are brownish-black instead of cream-colored. Ciaran participates in positive reinforcement with his trainers for weigh-ins but prefers to spend the rest of his day on his own.

Adoptive “Parents” of Ciaran:
Linda Anson • Anna Vogel • John & Lynne Stanley • Hollie Pitts • Truitt Bjorlin

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