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Adopters of Archimedes:

Karen Heere • Aurora • Michael & Andrea Pace • Douglas Grossman • Jeff Morey • Starr Hathaway • In memory of Dick Stenard by the Stenard, Sabitt, & Wayte Families • Connie & Domino McArthur • Cheryl Milas • Doreen Ramsey • Maggie, Miles, Keeghan, Caden, Carsyn, & Declan • Violet & Calvin Diehl • Mountain Rose Herbs

Archimedes was hatched in human care in 2000 for placement in a breeding program in Pennsylvania. Despite many attempts, he was never able to find a compatible female and was sent to Cascades Raptor Center to join the Education Team in February 2006. Archimedes is a visitor favorite and often greets staff and volunteers he knows with a “squeaky tire” vocalization, or excited hoo-hoo sounds.

Archimedes is enthusiastic for training sessions, knowing how to target to various perches, a trainer’s gauntlet, or the scale for morning weigh-ins. He’s also fond of his travel crate, often choosing to go inside even when no one is around to reinforce him with mice. After a training session, he rushes over to his human co-worker to accept his favorite ball, which he carries around his aviary in his talons or beak and caches in the corner for safekeeping.

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