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Amazon fell from her nest at about one month of age in June 1995. She broke both of her wings and wasn’t found quickly. Her right wing healed perfectly, but the left wing, which had an open fracture and other complications, did not. Although she is incapable of flying, she has been an amazing contributor to the Cascades Raptor Center education team. Amazon especially enjoys a multitude of enrichment items (canvas footballs, overgrown vegetables like zucchini, and her dog toy stuffed with llama wool). Toys like these satisfy her urge to rip and tear with her powerful feet. She wastes no time in destroying them, keeping staff always on the hunt for interesting new items that meet her needs.

Adoptive “Parents” of Amazon:
Merry Ann Bartholemy • Morgan & Dylan Anslow • Dwight Souers • Parker Charbonneau •The Whitt Family • Patricia Wheeler • Ardee Crawford • Keri Yunc  •  Kay & Richard Householder  •  Owen Smythe

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