Uriel was a passage (first-year) bird when she was found in West Eugene in November 1996. She was starving, with an old broken toe and a partially healed laceration to her left wing, probably from barbed wire. The skin was trying to heal under the bone, which had left her humerus exposed on three sides. The medical team was able to restore much of the soft tissue, but the loss of some necrotic bone left the wing with imperfect extension, leaving her unable to fly. After healing and rehabilitation she joined the Education Team. Uriel is an expert nest builder and will take any branch or twig offered by staff and volunteers. Her immaculate nest will often contain between 2-4 eggs in the spring. Even while sitting on her nest, she is enthusiastic about her training session, standing when the handler approaches, stretching her legs after sitting on her eggs for long periods of time. Uriel is part of the outreach team.​

Adoptive "Parents" of Uriel:

Gail Van Grieken  •  Hawkmoon - Happy Birthday from Lil Angel'  
Valerie Viterbi - In loving memory of My Beloved Husband, Alexander J. Viterbi
Gail Newton  •  Galina Krasskova- in honor of Odin and Hermes
Edward Austin  •  In loving memory of Michael Wiederhold
In honor of Chris, Mary, Diane, dads and moms - The Thompbaumers
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