Banjo was acquired by a falconer in Indiana in 2004 and flown as a hunting bird for one season. Unfortunately, he hit a window and caused irreparable damage to his right eye. Structurally, the eye appears perfect but he has imperfect vision. He's very comfortable around humans and joined the Cascades Raptor Center's Education Team in December 2005. As an Eastern Red-tailed Hawk, his coloring is different from the Western individuals. He is also significantly larger than a Western male Red-tailed Hawk. Banjo is part of the outreach team. ​

Adoptive "Parents" of Banjo:

Lisa Wyatt   •   Roberta & Keith Berte  •  Jenny, Tyler & Austen Bertsch
Elijah Grose  •  Spunky Gray & Barb Tyler  •  Daniel Laughman
Angel Lagoe  •  The Caldwell Family  •  Steve Deanda