Dmitri a Eurasian Eagle-owl was hatched under human care in St. Louis, Missouri at the World Bird Sanctuary. Dmitri joined the Raptor Center’s education team in 2010, at two months old, to expand fundraising and educational outreach opportunities that the Raptor Center’s native species cannot fill do to federal regulations. He is available for private parties and special events. Dmitri furthers our mission of connecting people to wildlife. Dmitri is part of the outreach team.​

Offsite Programs with Dmitri:

A Raptor Experience at Your Private Event! – Dmitri is available to be your guest at a special event. Depending on your needs, Dmitri's handler can give a presentation or just be a part of your event to add that special touch. Weddings, Spring Flings, Tea Parties, Company Picnics and Holiday Gatherings are made special by the presence of Dmitri.

Owl-a-Grams – Do you have a special message or package that needs to be delivered in the Eugene/ Springfield area? Dmitri and his handler can be your special-delivery-owl. Nothing says that your message is important as when it is delivered by an Eagle Owl!

Birthday Parties in Your Home! – The Cascades Raptor Center is a favorite destination for birthday parties for all ages. However, during the rainy season, you might want to have a birthday party at your home. Dmitri and his handler give a short presentation, demonstrate some amazing raptor skills and, finally, a special take-away for the participants is included. 

Unique Education Experiences – Let your imagination run wild! Dmitri can help add a touch of raptor education to many special events.

Studio Work – Dmitri is able to do both outdoor and indoor studio work for businesses and other commercial productions. Dmitri has several years of experience working in front of the camera. He is able to do several different behaviors on cue in a studio setting. A list of his previous experiences can be provided upon request.

For more information, please call 541-485-1320 or email Dmitri Eagle-owl


Adoptive "Parents" of Dmitri:
Tom & Marie McCann  •  Reid Hart & Alida Birch •  Michael & Andrea Pace
Ling Lee  •  Kenzie Schmick  •  John & Ganun LaDuke
Barbara Clark, Glenn Grishkoff & Vicky Marshall
Jeff and Ryder Armstrong & Alicia Palmer  •  An Admiring Friend
Janet McClennen  •  Lily & Michael Poon 
Kathleen Conery & Andreas Wenzel
Lyla, Jonah, Koan & Talia Beyer