Pip was found as a hatch-year falcon in July 2013 with a fracture of his left humerus. Although we do not know how he was injured, the fracture was fresh and should have healed together fairly easily. However, during surgery Pip did not tolerate anesthesia well, necessitating in two mouth-to-beak resuscitations. Medical staff did not want to risk him dying by completing the process of adding external fixators to the IM pin that would have been needed to completely prevent rotation of the bone ends at the fracture site. Unfortunately, without that final step, the wing did not heal in perfect alignment. Pip joined our Education Team in 2014, winning our staff “Rookie of the Year” award for 2014. Pip is part of the outreach team. ​ 

Adoptive "Parents" of Pip:

Richard Householder  •  Jordon and Sarah Huppert
Marissa and Mike Pluth  •  Karen  Reuter  •  Tim Comford
Vineet & Quentin Wahi  •  Rebecca Whitt  •  Sing & David Tam
Valeri Viterbi in loving memory of Alexander J Viterbi
Steve & Julie Hunnicutt  •  Koa Almasi-Smith  •  The Christensen Family
Alex Seidel & Meghan Hollis  •  Sydney Dedrick