Leia, was found as a passage (first-year) falcon, unable to fly, near the University of Oregon in November 2003. Although radiographs showed no fractures, and there were no surface wounds or apparent bruising, x-rays showed a major tear in the flight muscles of the upper right breast. Such soft tissue damage can take a very long time to heal and may never heal sufficiently for the high speed stoops and long distance migrations for which peregrines are well known. After 8 months of rehabilitation, it was obvious that the damage was too extensive for her to regain the flight capability she would need for release. Leia joined the Education Team in 2004. Leia is part of the training as enrichment team. 

Adoptive "Parents" of Leia:

Sandra & Gene Luks  •  Eric Garnatz
Barbara Summey  •  Kelly Ann Fukuhara
Frances, Luke, Josie & Falcon Girling
William Long & Family  •  Liam C.