Freyja is a delightful addition to our diplomatic corps. She was hatched in human care in 2001 and falconry-trained. Freyja was given to us by her breeder, the falconer who flew her for eight years but who retired from the field. She spent her first four weeks with her avian parents, but then was raised in a playpen in the house of her human parents and became very socialized and comfortable around people. She was out wowing her new fans the second day she joined our team, when she traveled for an after-school program at River Road Parks and Recreation Center. Freyja joined the Education Team in 2009. She is a patient bird who often helps staff “train” new bird handlers to the nuanced work of bird handling. Freyja is part of the outreach team.​

Adoptive "Parents" of Freyja:

Alexandra Boot  •  Rebecca Davis & Alan Roberts (Sara Larson)  •  Dixie Feiner
Dillon, Eric, Cyndie & Jerry in memory of Connie Belle Bergmark