McKenzie, an adult female, collided with a guy-wire of a cellphone tower in the summer of 2001 near Spokane WA. The injury caused serious damage to the right wing, exposing bone and tendon as well as causing feather follicle damage due to the loss of most of the secondary flight feathers. After medical treatment and rehabilitation at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University, she was transferred to Cascades Raptor Center as an education bird in November 2001. By the few brown streaks in her otherwise completely white head and tail, as well as her yellow eyes and yellow beak, we estimate her hatch year as 1996. McKenzie lays (infertile) eggs every year. Her enclosure-mate, Aeolus, builds and improves their nest every year and spends a fair amount of time incubating the eggs. 

Adoptive "Parents" of McKenzie:

St. John's Church & School of Salem, Oregon  • An Admiring Friend
Sharon G Hayden– in honor of Judy Hayden
In honor of Lark Lambard from her loving kids