Celilo was found in Nebraska in early 2002. She had a fractured humerus in the right wing, very close to the shoulder, that resulted in poor extension at her shoulder and an inability to fly. She was just beginning to get her white head and tail at the time of her injury, so was probably about 4-5 years old. She was with an education organization in South Dakota, and when they closed in 2010, she came to Cascades Raptor Center.  Celilo is an enthusiastic participant in her training sessions. At the conclusion of every session, she heads straight to her bath to clean her beak and talons. Celilo is part of the training as enrichment team.​

When Celilo came to the Raptor Center, she was 'named' by her new community. Nearly 400 people submitted 560 names for consideration. The winning name, 'Celilo', was submitted by Nola Nelson of Cottage Grove, in honor of the historic Native American settlement along the Columbia River – a gathering and trading place for tribes from as far as Alaska, the Plains, and the California coast for thousands of years. A uniquely Oregon name, Celilo was one of the oldest continuously occupied settlements in North America – for some 15,000 years. Its village and way of life, centered on salmon fishing along Celilo Falls, was drowned by the dams built along the river during the 1950's. This name represents resilience and triumph over setbacks, and is meaningful to Native Americans, for whom the Bald Eagle is a very sacred bird; for the United States – whose national symbol is the Bald Eagle; and for Bald Eagles themselves, as they have struggled to rebuild their populations since the devastation wrought by the pesticide DDT in the last century.

Adoptive "Parents" of Celilo:
Jim & Rene' Purvine  •  An Admiring Friend  •  Steve and Julie Hunnicutt
Barbara Holler  •  An Anonymous Friend  •  April & Donald Venes
Valerie Viterbi - in loving memory of my beloved husband Alexander J. Viterbi